How I stopped worrying and learned to love the cloud

Sharing pictures:

10 years ago – I e-mailed pictures to friends and family.

7 years ago – I used flickr albums.

Now – All my pictures are synced between my devices via iCloud.


Working on word documents:

10 years ago – I wrote word documents on my PC and e-mailed them to colleagues

7 years ago – I put those same files on Sharepoint

Now – I write them in an online editor, store them in the Cloud, and send out share links


Storing passwords:

10 years ago – I carried around a small notebook with all of my passwords

7 years ago – I used PasswordSafe, a local solution for storing passwords

Now – I use LastPass, a cloud based password manager which syncs passwords across browsers and platforms


This is how the cloud has changed my life. It has made my life simpler, easier, and more efficient.  It has also changed your life in many similar ways.

While we enjoy the ways in which our lives are simpler we must remember that this simplicity comes with a price.  The privacy and security of your cloud data.

Passwords, pictures, and documents.  These are all pieces of data that we don’t want getting leaked.  The convenience of storing these items in the cloud increases that risk however.

That’s why we developed OneSafeBox. A tool to help you protect data privacy and security in the cloud. It brings a perfect balance to convenience and security.

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What’s behind Amazon and Microsoft stock price hike? Their cloud business

Amazon and Microsoft both reported their Q1 earnings on Thu  4/23/15 which resulted in both companies experiencing a jump in their stock price.  Certainly some of this stock price jump can be attributed to each companies respective performance in the cloud.

For the first time ever, Amazon broke out their AWS (Amazon Web Service) revenue results. According to the report, AWS is now a $5B business (with 2014 numbers).  Not only that, it was one of the very few businesses divisions actually profitable.

Microsoft also got a big boost from their cloud business. Azure experienced a phenomenal 106% revenue growth rate. Microsoft claims their cloud division generated over $6.3B annual revenue.

As IT becomes more cloud-centric every company needs to develop their cloud strategy.  Simultaneously many personal users are leveraging the cloud to simplify their daily work, and make collaboration more easier and more effective.

The more we rely on the cloud, the more we need to think about data security in the cloud. While we want to enjoy the convenience cloud storage provides, we must remember that our data is not necessarily safe and we must take actions to protect our data. OneSafeBox is the perfect solution for data protection.  It simultaneously encrypts data to ensure that it cannot be seen by others and also replicates your data across multiple cloud storage accounts to guarantee that it is always available.

Users can feel much more comfortable about their cloud data when using OneSafeBox.

Cloud storage may not be as reliable as you thought

“ Error (5xx) Something went wrong. Don’t worry, your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.”

This was the error message I got when I tried to access my Dropbox account last night. Was I worried? Not really. Was I unhappy and inconvenienced? Yes, at least a little bit.

Cloud storage plays a major part of my daily life. I travel frequently for work and spend approximately 40% of my working time on the road. I rely on my cloud storage provider to provide accessibility to the files that are most important to me and my work.

Last night’s Dropbox outage raises a big flag for people like me. I understand the risk of losing my files on Dropbox is low, but the fact that I could not access it when I needed to makes me think I do need to have a backup somewhere else.

OneSafeBox solves this problem with Mirror Technology.  Whenever you upload files through OneSafeBox not only are they encrypted (and safe from prying eyes), but the files are also uploaded across all of your linked storage accounts.  This reduces the chance that a user would face an issue like I did last night because the data is available from multiple, independent cloud storage accounts,

Simple, secure, safe. Just like that. With OneSafeBox it doesn’t matter if one cloud storage provider is having service interruption. My data is always available.


Enjoy the convenience of the Clouds, not concerns

Do a quick test.  Go ask a few friends if they use cloud storage.  I did, and every single person in my social circle has at least one cloud storage account.  But, dig a little deeper.  Ask those same friends if they put all of their data in the cloud.  Some do, but most do not, because they have concerns.

What an interesting little survey.

People use cloud storage because it is convenient, but they are still afraid to put their more personal pieces of data into the cloud because of security and privacy concerns.  This fear is perfectly valid and backed up by recent events, e.g., snowden leaks and the celebrity photo scandal. Putting your files into an unsecured cloud storage account is like leaving valuables in an unlocked storage unit.  It is easy for those valuables to be stolen.  Even if you buy a lock for the unit, people know it contains valuable items and with brute force (breaking a window) your stuff could still be stolen.  Or even worse, the lock manufacturer or storage company can came around with a key and simply unlock the unit.

We know the problem, and we need a solution. Here comes OneSafeBox.

OneSafeBox is like you putting a metal safe with your stuff inside the storage unit. No one else can see what is inside the safe.  Not even the safe manufacturer and storage company. There is only one physical key and it is in your hands.  This is how OneSafeBox works.  We encrypt your data before it is sent to your cloud.  Since the data is encrypted with your own private key no one, not even OneSafeBox or the cloud storage company will know what data is being stored.

With OneSafeBox, you have the convenience of the Cloud without any of the privacy concerns. And, IT IS FREE.

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OneSafeBox is now in public Beta1

Happy New Year OneSafeBox

Happy New Year!

We are so excited to announce the Beta1 Release of OneSafeBox( today. OneSafeBox is an advanced data encryption and backup service for your Cloud:

  • OneSafeBox will provide you a more secure, simple and reliable solution to manage your cloud storage accounts.
  • OneSafeBox provides an additional layer of security because your files will be encrypted at your cloud provider as well.
  • OneSafeBox is simpler to use because you do not need to install software for your multiple devices – just use OneSafeBox with a browser.
  • OneSafeBox provides greater reliability and advanced disk level encryption with its proprietary technologies called OEMT (OneSafeBox Encrypted Mirror Technology) and ODET (OneSafeBox Disk-level Encryption Technology).

Our goal is to provide everyone with a solution that is always more “Secure, Simple and Reliable”.

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