Enterprise IT professionals concern about data security in the Cloud. And how to address that?

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There was a survey recently at an RSA conference about Cloud security. Perspecsys asked over 125 attendees how they control their cloud data.  (you can see the complete survey result here)

Here are a few interesting points. In terms of protecting and controlling enterprise data in the Cloud,  48% respondents do not trust their Cloud Service Provider. 55% say their organization’s adoption of public cloud applications may have been impacted by the “Snowden effect”.

As a former Network Architect for a Fortune 500 company, I totally understand where their concern comes from. Enterprise data security is a hot topic these days. Companies dont wan’t to find themselves plastered over the news for data leaks.  Although Cloud computing may provide a lot of flexibility and agility to their customers and employees, many companies still hesitate to take full advantage ofthe cloud because of the lack of protection and control over their data.

Edward Snowden made it even worse.  He revealed that service providers may have to provide governments access to customer data.  Nobody can guarantee the information government gathers is 100% bulletproof from competitors.

OneSafeBox is designed to address the specific issues facing companies that are reluctant to fully commit to the cloud. OneSafeBox makes it safe to store private data on the public cloud.  The data is safe from hackers, who can cause data breaches but it is also safe from governments that demand access.  This is because OneSafeBox doesn’t store the encryption keys needed to decrypt data.  Only the user has access to these keys and therefore no one but the user can see the data.

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