In short, super secret techno wizardry. OneSafe uses a unique key for you that encrypts all of your files before they head off to the cloud. Using high grade disk-level encryption ensures no third party can access your files during upload or storage.
Client-side encryption means we can’t see your data, your cloud storage service can’t see your data, and malicious Internet bandits can’t see your data. Since you’re the only one with the key, you’re the only who can decrypt your files.
OneSafe connects to all your favorite cloud services in one simple interface. You simply upload your files, and off they go to each of your services, safe and sound. You don’t even need to go to your cloud provider’s site. It makes the convenience cloud storage even more, well, convenient.
Pretty much all of them. You can use OneSafe to safeguard your files from your computer as well as most phones and tablets.
OneSafe uses the private key system and the most advanced 256 bits Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt your files. Before your files are uploaded to your cloud providers using OneSafe, the files are automatically encrypted on your whatever device you’re using. This ensures your files are protected.
Not even possible! OneSafe can not touch any of your unsecured data. The way it works means you are the only one who can ever see your data.
Since OneSafe doesn’t store your files, you can encrypt and store as much as your cloud storage will let you. Upload away!

Here is a short video