How I stopped worrying and learned to love the cloud

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Sharing pictures:

10 years ago – I e-mailed pictures to friends and family.

7 years ago – I used flickr albums.

Now – All my pictures are synced between my devices via iCloud.


Working on word documents:

10 years ago – I wrote word documents on my PC and e-mailed them to colleagues

7 years ago – I put those same files on Sharepoint

Now – I write them in an online editor, store them in the Cloud, and send out share links


Storing passwords:

10 years ago – I carried around a small notebook with all of my passwords

7 years ago – I used PasswordSafe, a local solution for storing passwords

Now – I use LastPass, a cloud based password manager which syncs passwords across browsers and platforms


This is how the cloud has changed my life. It has made my life simpler, easier, and more efficient.  It has also changed your life in many similar ways.

While we enjoy the ways in which our lives are simpler we must remember that this simplicity comes with a price.  The privacy and security of your cloud data.

Passwords, pictures, and documents.  These are all pieces of data that we don’t want getting leaked.  The convenience of storing these items in the cloud increases that risk however.

That’s why we developed OneSafeBox. A tool to help you protect data privacy and security in the cloud. It brings a perfect balance to convenience and security.

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