How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

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Cloud storage is awesome.  Its convenient and easy to use.   You can access your files anywhere, anytime, from any computer.  There is a problem though, that should have you worried.  Your cloud files are stored, oftentimes unencrypted, on the servers of your cloud storage provider.  That’s right.  Right now, sitting on some Google or Dropbox server are photos, videos, or documents that you don’t want other people to see.  There are a bunch of ways YOUR files could be viewed by other people.

1) Your account is hacked
2) Someone finds out your password
3) Your cloud storage provider’s servers are compomised
4) Government ‘data collection’

If any of those things happen to you then all of your data is now out there, floating around the internet.

But like the title says, I’ve stopped worrying.   I stopped worrying because of OneSafeBox.  OneSafeBox takes all of your private, personal data and adds a layer of security on top.  If any of those 4 things happens to my account I don’t need to be scared because my sensitive data will stay secure and out of reach.

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