How's the technology behind?

It is Proven and Advanced

With proven advanced technology and algorithms, OneSafe lets you store and share important and sensitive data in your favorite cloud storage without any concerns. Zero-knowledge End-to-end encryption happens on your device is a key element to this security. None of your data will be transmited or stored in unencrypted form any more, and no hacker, government or OneSafe admin can access your data.

Proven and Advanced Behind OneSafe

End-to-end Encryption

Before you uploading valuable files to any cloud storage, or share with the others, OneSafe encrypts them on your device with your master key. We never transmit or store data in unencrypted or unhashed form.

Military Grade Protection

The most advanced military grade 256 bits Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is one of the layer behind OneSafe. Due to the strength of OneSafe's security, breaking this protection would take several human lifetimes.

Blended Encryption Pieces

With advanced technology and mathematically proven algorithms, your files are protected with the highest level. Even if someone breaks into your cloud accounts, your data will look like complete gibberish to prying eyes.

Try dragging files into the cloud to see the magic

Can I trust the service?

Trust yourself

There are three parties envolved to provide a protected cloud experience to you: OneSafe, Cloud Storage Providers, and you. Your files will be encrypted on your device with your master key and password only known by you, and then stored as blended encrypted pieces in the cloud storage. No hacker, government, cloud storage admin or OneSafe admin can access your data without the master key and password in your hand.

Trust yourself of OneSafe

YOU have the key and password in your hand

When signing up OneSafe, you will choose a file on your device and set it as the master key along with your password to encrypt and decrypt your files. The key and password is the crital info to access your file in the cloud. You are the only one who have the access to the key.

CLOUD stores blended encrypted pieces

Files are encrypted and blended into pieces before you sending them to any of the cloud storages. Even if you do not trust the cloud storage providers, or even if someone breaks into your storage, your data will look like complete gibberish to prying eyes.

ONESAFE handles the process without touching your file

As a client-side web service, OneSafe runs in your browser on your device, and never store any of your file data on our server. In another word, we will not touch your file data at all. We have no way to know your master key and password, therefore, it is a service you can fully trust.

Here is a short video