OneSafeBox is now in public Beta1

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Happy New Year OneSafeBox

Happy New Year!

We are so excited to announce the Beta1 Release of OneSafeBox( today. OneSafeBox is an advanced data encryption and backup service for your Cloud:

  • OneSafeBox will provide you a more secure, simple and reliable solution to manage your cloud storage accounts.
  • OneSafeBox provides an additional layer of security because your files will be encrypted at your cloud provider as well.
  • OneSafeBox is simpler to use because you do not need to install software for your multiple devices – just use OneSafeBox with a browser.
  • OneSafeBox provides greater reliability and advanced disk level encryption with its proprietary technologies called OEMT (OneSafeBox Encrypted Mirror Technology) and ODET (OneSafeBox Disk-level Encryption Technology).

Our goal is to provide everyone with a solution that is always more “Secure, Simple and Reliable”.

Sign-up for free NOW to take advantage of features only we provide with our proprietary technologies.

Please contact us to tell us what you think about OneSafeBox.

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