OneSafe is not another cloud storage provider

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Cloud storage

When we talk with people about OneSafeBox, a popular question we hear is whether or not we are a cloud storage provider. The answer is simple and clear: no, we are not.

OneSafeBox does not provide cloud storage to users but provides an add-on layer of privacy protection to a user’s already existing cloud storage provider, like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. We do not store any of your files not even temporarily.

When you upload files through OneSafeBox, these files will be first encrypted on your device – your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphones, then uploaded to the cloud storage account that you previously linked with OneSafeBox. Likewise, when you download, preview or share files, your encrypted segments will be downloaded first from the cloud storage account and then decrypted on your device.  This process all happens ‘behind the scenes’ and takes only a few seconds.

You still benefit by getting to use your regular cloud storage account but now your files are fully protected.  OneSafeBox is THE way keep your cloud data safe.

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