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There’s been a lot in the news recently about security and privacy.  About a two years ago Edward Snowden gave the world revelations about widespread spying by the US government and her allies (check out Citizenfour – an upcoming movie on the topic).  1 year later several tens of female celebrities had their iCloud account’s hacked and personal photos released, and just recently Ashley Madison there were two more events.  Ashley Madison had the personal information of all of their users leaked online and Hillary Clinton is getting flack for using a private e-mail server when working at the State Department.

There have of course been other events as well, but the ones listed above are the major events.  With all of this going on it is easy to see why security and privacy in regards to online activity is a hot topic on the news, social media, and in day to day conversations between ordinary people.

What people need, and what the world needs, are tools that can be used by average folks to protect themselves.  For tech-savvy users there are TOR nodes, bitcoins, NoScript, etc. But these tools can be complicated and are too much of a burden to use for most people.   We’ve learned through experience that users do want security and privacy but oftentimes don’t want to inconvenience themselves or lessen the user experience.  With that in mind, our upcoming release of OneSafe has been specifically re-designed to add features that improve the user experience while maintaining the level of security in previous versions.

It is a fine balancing act between a high level of security and a great user experience.  We’ve struck a fine balance in our upcoming release and we hope you agree.

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