How we started OneSafe – A real story from a team member

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Are hard drives safe enough?

2 years ago, I bought a 2TB hard drive for my home as a way to backup all my personal files, business files, photos and song. One morning about 1 year later the hard drive crashed and I couldn’t access my files. When I turned it on it made a terrible sound like scratching a needle on a disc. I took it to a data-recovery specialist and found out it would cost at least 3500 dollars to recover all of my data with no guarantee.

I stopped purchasing hard drives after that experience and started moving all of my data to cloud storage.  As an engineer, I can tell you that a cloud drive is way more reliable than the hard drive sitting on your desk or the one spinning in your laptop.  Data centers maintain constant temperature and humidity (to reduce the defect rate of hard drives) and are redundant both geographically and within the same data center.  This means that if the specific hard drive storing your data crashes or breaks that the user won’t lose their data.  In fact, your access to the data won’t be interrupted at all and you wouldn’t even know something catastrophic happened.

I pay about 15 dollars per month for 2TB of cloud storage. It is a good decision because, in addition to all of the reliability benefits, I can access my files anywhere and easily share with friends and colleagues.

There are drawbacks though. The most important concern is my privacy and data security. How can I protect my privacy when I put all my data into the cloud? What happens if my account is hacked?  What if I lose my password?  Once I put my data in the cloud there are risks that others will be able to see my data.  There have been countless stories in the news about data breaches happening. Edward Snowden told the world about government invasion of privacy on a gigantic scale and more recently a large number of female celebrities had photos hacked and then leaked from their iCloud accounts.

It is these risks and drawbacks which spurred my talent partners and me to create OneSafe.

We need a product to help user’s protect their privacy and data in the cloud.It is an easy-to-use service for our daily digital life.

After a lot of hard work, we have released a new website to introduce our upcoming public Beta2 of OneSafe, which will be released in about two months. Please sign up on our mailing list to get notified when the product launches.

Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “How we started OneSafe – A real story from a team member

    • Hi Karl,

      Thanks for the questions. OneSafe encrypts everything before you putting it into the cloud since we will not be aware of what you are encrypting or decrypting, even it is a malware. However, I personally don’t think a malware will still be functional after been encrypted. So your privacy and safety is still protected, right?

      OneSafe Team

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