What’s behind Amazon and Microsoft stock price hike? Their cloud business

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Amazon and Microsoft both reported their Q1 earnings on Thu  4/23/15 which resulted in both companies experiencing a jump in their stock price.  Certainly some of this stock price jump can be attributed to each companies respective performance in the cloud.

For the first time ever, Amazon broke out their AWS (Amazon Web Service) revenue results. According to the report, AWS is now a $5B business (with 2014 numbers).  Not only that, it was one of the very few businesses divisions actually profitable.

Microsoft also got a big boost from their cloud business. Azure experienced a phenomenal 106% revenue growth rate. Microsoft claims their cloud division generated over $6.3B annual revenue.

As IT becomes more cloud-centric every company needs to develop their cloud strategy.  Simultaneously many personal users are leveraging the cloud to simplify their daily work, and make collaboration more easier and more effective.

The more we rely on the cloud, the more we need to think about data security in the cloud. While we want to enjoy the convenience cloud storage provides, we must remember that our data is not necessarily safe and we must take actions to protect our data. OneSafeBox is the perfect solution for data protection.  It simultaneously encrypts data to ensure that it cannot be seen by others and also replicates your data across multiple cloud storage accounts to guarantee that it is always available.

Users can feel much more comfortable about their cloud data when using OneSafeBox.

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