Why Backing up to the Cloud Isn’t Enough

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If you’re like most individuals concerned about keeping their critical information safe from hard drive failures, natural disasters, burglary and other catastrophes, you may be finding yourself with your head in the clouds — thinking about cloud storage and backup, that is. Off-site storage of data to a robust, redundant server system can help ensure that at least one copy of that data survives, even if your home or workplace doesn’t. But simply sending your data up into the cloud isn’t enough to make it completely safe.

What’s the problem? When you upload data to a cloud-based server, that stream of information is vulnerable to interception by third parties such as identity thieves, hackers, and blackmailers. Even after the information has landed on the cloud server, anyone who manages to break the server’s security safeguards can view the contents of whatever you’ve uploaded. So while you’ve saved your files from destruction, you’ve also exposed them to the threat of prying eyes.

Many cloud storage providers try to reassure their clients by offering some degree of protection, but the degree of actual encryption can vary widely from provider to provider. That’s because encryption is a pricey proposition that eats into their overhead. The providers may compensate for this expense by reducing the types or amount of data that is actually encrypted and/or the level of encryption strength. They may even resort to workarounds such as obfuscation (which merely makes the material harder to decipher) or redaction (the selective jumbling or blacking out of particular sections).

That’s why you need a strong, versatile third-party cloud encryption service like us.

OneSafebox applies the encryption on your end of the upload before the transmission ever gets sent, to make the data completely unreadable by the cloud provider and anyone else who happens to gain access to it. There’s only one encryption key in existence for that data, and you’ve got it.

Add OneSafebox as your cloud privacy solution — and rest easy in the knowledge that your critical information is now safe! Sign Up now! It’s FREE!

-William R

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