OneSafe - Card Limits + Wire memos | Version 0.10.2

Jonathan S.
5 min read
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May 13th Newest Features: Card Limits and Wire Memos

We are excited to announce the latest additions to OneSafe, designed to give you more control and flexibility over your financial management.

Introducing Card Limits and Wire Memos – two powerful features that enhance how you handle your transactions.

Set Card Limits: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

With OneSafe's new Card Limits feature, you can now manage your spending more effectively by setting specific limits on your cards. This feature allows you to:

  • Daily Limits: Set a cap on how much can be spent each day to prevent overspending.
  • Weekly Limits: Define your maximum spending for each week to keep your finances in check.
  • Monthly Limits: Control your monthly expenditures by setting a spending limit for the entire month.

An added bonus is the Spent column, which lets you know how much of the limit you have spent during the selected time period (e.g., week for weekly limit). Additionally, the Available to Spend column tells you how much you can still spend on the card.

Introducing Wire Memos

You are now also able to add external memos to wires you send, making wire transfers more informative and efficient. With our new External Memos feature, you can provide additional details and context for every transaction, especially for the counterparty. This feature is ideal for including invoice numbers, client details, or payment references to provide additional information and context about the wire transfer to the recipient or the receiving bank

Elevate Your Financial Strategy with OneSafe

Dive deeper into the future of finance. OneSafe streamlines your crypto and banking needs in one intuitive platform.

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