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USDT + International Wire Transfer - Version 0.10.3

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OneSafe Now Supports USDT and International Wire Transfers

OneSafe is excited to announce two major updates: support for USDT (Tether) and first-party international wire transfers. These new features make managing your Web3 startup’s finances even easier.

USDT Support for Domestic Wires and ACH

With USDT integration, you can now:

  • Wire or ACH payments directly using your USDT balance.
  • Receive wire or ACH transfers that automatically convert to USDT.

International Wire Transfers

OneSafe now offers first-party international wire transfers, simplifying global business operations. Benefits include:

  • Quick, secure transfers worldwide.
  • Direct transfers from your OneSafe account.

These updates reinforce OneSafe’s commitment to offering comprehensive banking solutions for Web3 companies. Manage your fiat and crypto transactions seamlessly with OneSafe.

Elevate Your Financial Strategy with OneSafe

Dive deeper into the future of finance. OneSafe streamlines your crypto and banking needs in one intuitive platform.

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